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Global_ Service Continuity Manager_jaguariuna

Descrição da vaga

The main purpose of the Service Continuity role is being able to move services into the live business environment as smoothly as possible. This vital step in the service life-cycle lies between ‘Design’ and ‘Operations’ and ensures that policies, processes and procedures are in place to protect the live operational environment to ensure that any modifications or transitions to the live operational environment – affecting either new, modified, retiring or retired services – meet the agreed expectations of the business, customers and users. This means that all modifications to operational environments should be managed, planned and coordinated through service transition processes and activities, to facilitate a smooth transition to live operation.

Responsabilidades e atribuições

A.  Key tasks:

1.Change Management

o   Ensure all KPIs and SLAs on target;

o   Plan and manage service changes efficiently and effectively;

o   Service Request, Change Request Management governance;

o   Manage risks relating to new, changed or retired services;

o   Define and maintain a routine with all stakeholders;

o   Continuous Service Improvement mindset.

o   Apply best practices, tools and frameworks to support improved client future-state organizational design and alignment;

o   Approve all changes to Production;

o   Ensure functional and technical documentation.

2.Transiton Management

o   Ensure all KPIs and SLAs on target;

o   Develop and maintain communication to all the necessary levels to facilitate smooth and effective support;

o   Provide guidance to all stakeholders as necessary;

o   Keep up with project lifecycle between ‘Design’ and ‘Operations’ and ensures that policies, processes and procedure are in place;

o   Work together with Transition Manager to ensure project transition to Service & Operations.

3.Crisis Management

o   Ensure all KPIs and SLAs on target;

o   Achieve 100% critical processes recovery as per planned restoring time (disruptions events or drills) by the implementation of the Business Continuity program scope as per one pager;

o   Update the BCP annually.

B.  Deliverables

·        Weekly CAB meetings;

·        Monthly Change & Release Management Dashboard;

·        EP Change & Release Management Dashboard;

·        Monthly Executive Summary of the BC Change and Transition

·        Weekly SRB3 meeting;

·        Service Improvement;

·        Methodology implementation.

C.   Accountabilities

·        Service & Operations – Ensure that all change requests are following the required BAU methodologies;

·        Transition to Operations – Ensure that all Projects are following the required ABI methodologies to Handover to operation;

·        Full Service Responsibility – Take full ownership of the change, transition and business continuity 

·        Availability – Responsible for change requests following business requirements.

Requisitos e qualificações

Informações adicionais

Respecting Our People

Respects the opinion of others and acknowledges opposing points of view.

Shows integrity and fairness when dealing with vendors and colleagues.

Acts to achieve the promises and commitments made to clients and colleagues.

Demonstrate impartially and objectivity when taking actions and making decisions.

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